BEAUTY FULL HAIR 60ml (3x20ml)

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Total of 2,03 fl.oz contains 3 bottles of 0,68 fl.oz each
Topical Serum for thicker and stronger hair

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topical Serum for thicker and stronger hair

Equol is the world’s most expensive cosmetic active hair-care ingredient. BEAUTY FULL HAIR SERUM is an advanced formula that contains hair growth stimulating moisturizers of premium quality. BEAUTY FULL HAIR helps in nourishing the hair follicles, strengthening their roots and promote thicker and healthy hair growth. Other active nutrients in BEAUTY FULL HAIR SERUM provide soft and healthy texture to your hair. Reducing DHT levels can help maintain strong hair growth.

  • Hair growth stimulating moisturizer for men and women
  • For thicker and stronger hair
  • Providing strong, shiny and soft hair

Application: Distribute timeblock® BEAUTY FULL HAIR SERUM evenly with the dosing tip DIRECTLY at the hairline (on the scalp) between the cleaned, towel-dried strands. Can also be used partially. Now gently massage it in. The serum is absorbed without residue and leaves no sticky hair feeling. Therefore, you can style your hair as usual. Apply daily or weekly as required. We recommend an initial daily application for severe, congenital hair loss, which can be reduced to a weekly application after two weeks.

timeblock<sup style="font-size: 12px; bottom: 8pt !important;">®</sup><br>BEAUTY FULL HAIR 60ml (3x20ml)